Please see the following information/forms to assist members with Hurricane Preparedness

National Hurricane Center Storm Surge Informational Video

Please review the draft AAR from the 2012 Hurricane and Medical Patient Evacuation Exercise (click here) Big thanks to RJ Thomas for his efforts in preparing this document.

Please review the new State of Texas Assistance Request (STAR) form below

STAR Form with pocket guide

ETN (formerly TXSNETS) Evacuation Resources
The RadiantRFD Website (link below) has a section with comprehinsive Evacuation Management Support Resources including enrollment forms in English and Spanish. Please bookmark the site as a valuable resource link

The Texas WebEOC Interoperability Website (link below) also has training information related to the ETN bands and tags.

Please bookmark this site for future reference

Evacuation Triage Flowchart

GETAC Ambulance Utilization Priority Document
This document defines the priority tiers the State will use with respect to deployment of State Resources in response to Hurricane Evacuation.

This is the Coastal Bend Re-entry plan
This is the CB re-entry plan. Please pay particular attention to pp 6-7 for the tier definitions.

CBRAC Committees



Pre-Hospital (EMS & Air Medical)

Emergency Preparedness Ops(MMU Teams)

Trauma Systems

Special Populations (Pediatric, Bariatric, Geriatric)

Performance Improvement


Injury Prevention


Coastal Bend Healthcare Preparedness Coalition